Coffee Beer Tasting PARTAY!

Coffee Beer Tasting PARTAY!

Winners in the Coffee Bracket

  1. Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate 
  2. New Belgium's Cocoa Mole
  3. Southern Tier's Creme Brulee


So our friends threw another one of their most awesome beer tasting parties.  The theme for this one?  Oh, you know, just the coffee-flavored beers.  There have been many themes in the past, but I never thought to post about it on this site!  Idiot.

The other beer themes, if you will, have been pumpkin, winter, summer, and okay maybe that is it, but I am hopeful there will be more as it is a fun way to get together and talk like pompous assholes about beer.  

This is how we roll when it comes to beer tastings:

  • Everyone brings 36 ounces of beer and it must be different from what everyone else is bringing so we keep track over email or other avenues.
  • The beers are then labeled with numbers and wrapped up in foil to lessen the chance of anyone being unknowingly bias towards their favorites.
  • Everyone gets a score card with numbers that correspond to the beers and a small ounce glass to taste each beer - usually we write something offensive on the glasses to claim it as our own.
  • Then you go down the line, drinking, rating, drinking, rating, drinking, rating... it sounds redundant - but it is anything but; this time around we managed to drink 19 different beers.
  • Then the judging begins.  Everyone gets three stickers to place anyway they like on the scoring board.  The top three to four beer numbers with the most stickers wins the first round.
  • The second round, we taste the winners and decide from there who are the clear first, second, and third place winners.

There is also a loser round - the person who brought the beer that is the most foul must take a shot of "Grandma Angie," a 55 year old brandy that will curl your toes.  Well guess who lost, me and my hubby.  

The winner though, should not have won the "coffee" beer tasting as it did not have any coffee in it.  Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate.  Such a fantastic beer, but how did it get into the coffee beer tasting, sly little devil.

The weird part with a bunch of coffee beers is that they started to taste similar.  Being that we aren't professionals, we probably did not clean our palettes enough, but we sure had a blast.

My score sheet



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