Red Brick Vanilla Gorilla

Red Brick Vanilla Gorilla

Mmm... if you are a smokey vanilla beer fan then this is the beer you need to try next.  I used to never like anything that was remotely smokey and it has grown on me.  It is not so smokey that it leaves an after taste like some smokey beers do, but with the vanilla beans it gives it a bit of sweetness that rounds out the beer.  My friends and I were introduced to this beer at a bar and were passing it around like "oh you have to try this."  You've probably have had those moments too with certain beers.  😀

This is series #8 of this beer and there is not a entry for it yet. It does taste a lot like the #4 in terms of smokiness, vanilla, and overall enjoyment.

Vanilla Gorilla
Red Brick Brewing Co

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