Spoetzl Shiner Bock

Spoetzl Shiner Bock

All righty now.  This is the obligatory post about Shiner Bock.  Being from Texas, this is the beer all of us Texan kids grew up on.  This is the beer I was drunk on for my first time and this is the beer that shows up at every family event.  It's just part of the Texan culture.  

Sure, it is not the best beer offered out there, but its a great "go-to" beer as its available in every gas station, liquor store, grocery store, etc in the Country... ahem... I mean the State of Texas.  (I hear you groaning!)

The beer is a bock so its slightly bitter with a brown ale taste.  It is also great to cook with so check out the chili recipe at the bottom submitted by my mom.



Shiner Bock


Country - Texas ;)| Style - Bock | ABV - 4.4%

I am a bit bias when it comes to Shiner.  I'll drink it anytime its on hand.

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